2nd Assignment - Collective Music

With the Collective Song Exercise students Learn the Basics on Studio Recording Techniques for several instruments and voice and Loop-based Music Composition

Following a the song lyrics ("One Voice" by José Manuel Simões) and a basic rhythmic structure proposed by the instructors ("Drum Beat, 120 BPM" by João Cordeiro and Álvaro Barbosa), each Student records at least one musical instrument or a singing voice excerpt, building up a data base of samples that became raw material for their musical compositions. Students use the sounds from this data base as loops to construct a musical structure/remix on a non-linear editing software such as Audacity, Garage Band or Protools.
The Lyrics of this song  was translated to 4 Languages (English, Portuguese, Cantonese and Tagalog), and performed by class students that are native speakers of these languages.

Results from this exercise  with 28 Students (9 Groups) conducted in April 2011:

Collective Song USJ 2011 by Alvaro Barbosa